Working With Morning Sickness

Often viewed as a badge of honor, morning sickness can strike even the toughest expecting mama at the most inopportune times during her pregnancy. Despite its punctual namesake, morning sickness can happen in the morning, noon and night, and maintaining one’s professional demeanor while running to the bathroom every twenty minutes can pose quite a challenge for even the most … Read More

Telling Your Boss You’re Pregnant

“You’re pregnant!” I gasped when I heard the words coming from behind me as I stood in my office break room staring blankly into the refrigerator. I whirled around to see one of my coworkers standing behind me, arms crossed, smug smile on her face. “You are, aren’t you?” she said again, much louder than necessary. “Sssshhhh” I quickly said, … Read More

Maternity Leave: Fact Or Fiction

At some point during every working woman’s pregnancy, the concept of “maternity leave” will eventually come up. Ah maternity leave – that blissful period where mother and child rest, bond, and begin to form a lasting, lifelong relationship with one another. It sounds wonderful, and it is. Unfortunately, the hard, cold policies surrounding maternity leave can quickly dampen any expecting … Read More

Before Becoming a Parent: The Baby Bucket List

In the back of my mind I always acknowledged that becoming parent would change my life forever. Realizing that parenthood does come with certain limitations, at least for a while, there were things in life I always hoped to experience before becoming a parent. I think at some point most women develop a Baby Bucket List of things they want … Read More

Take Your Baby Bump to Work Day

There comes a point in every woman’s pregnancy when hiding her ever growing baby bump becomes virtually impossible. While some women happily display their growing bellies with the latest in cute maternity fashion, other women, like myself, choose to minimize our baby bumps for as long as possible. It wasn’t that I was hiding my pregnancy – I was extremely … Read More

Having a Baby – Getting From Someday To OK

“So when are you guys having kids?” This question was posed to me so many times during my late twenties that I lost count of how often I politely smiled, sipped my wine, and answered “someday.” The truth was I had no idea. I definitely wanted to have a baby and start a family. I just didn’t know WHEN I … Read More