Exclusively Pumping: What You Need To Know

When I was pregnant with my first child, I just assumed I’d breastfeed. Everyone breastfeeds right? So obviously that’s what I would do too. I bought a breastfeeding pillow and nipple cream. I also bought an expensive breast pump and milk storage bags because that’s what everyone said I should do. Looking back, I had absolutely no idea what I … Read More

Do I Want A Male Or Female OBGYN?

When I first started my search for an OBGYN physician, I was pretty set on finding a female doctor. So much of choosing an OBGYN is simply personal preference anyway, and all other medical care quality factors being equal, I felt I would just be more comfortable with a female OBGYN practitioner. However, after exhaustively researching the doctors in my … Read More

Cleaning Out The Baby Clothes

There comes a point in every mother’s life when she realizes she needs to go through her children’s clothes and do something with the items that don’t fit them anymore. . Obviously, my daughter, who is almost five years old no longer needs her Easter dress, from when she was 18 months old, hanging in her closet. Out with the … Read More

The Crack Of Dawn

About 5:45 every morning, including Saturday and Sunday, the vibrating alarm on my watch starts buzzing. Often waking me from a state of total unconsciousness, I begin furiously tapping on my watch to make it stop. No worries though, I have a second alarm set for 7 minutes later… and third alarm set for seven minutes after that. Outside of … Read More

The Value Of A Tattle Tale

One of the behavior issues I often hear about in my circle of mom friends and in the preschool drop off line is how do we get our kids to stop telling on each other for every little thing that happens. As the mother of a four year old, I’m keenly aware that my daughter has a tendency to come … Read More

Dealing With Gender Disappointment

I always wanted a daughter. Ever since I gave any serious thought to actually having children, I always pictured myself as the mother of a daughter. And in my mind I had big plans for her. She was going to be smart, independent, and capable. She’d be funny, witty, and compassionate. I would be the ideal professional female role model, … Read More

When Did Preschoolers Get So Busy?

“You have six new emails”. As I stared at my phone watching the six new emails I had received over the last three hours download, I couldn’t imagine who they were from. This was my personal email account, not any of my work email addresses, where it’s not uncommon for me to receive emails all day long. For my personal … Read More

Planning An International Babymoon

When couples find out they’re expecting, many decide to take one final vacation together, otherwise known as a babymoon. And many people, wanting to experience all the best in luxury and adventure decide to go somewhere warm and tropical, often out of the United States. My husband and I actually took two international babymoons, one before each of our children … Read More

The Small Parenting Wins

My two year old son sat at our kitchen table asking, demanding actually, more chocolate milk to drink. “No, you already had a glass. You can have some water,” I gently reply. “No! More chocolate milk!” he yelled, more insistent. “No, you can have some water,” I said more firmly. “No! CHOCOLATE MILK!” he screamed, and with that, he threw … Read More

My Father’s Eyes

My four year old daughter has the most beautiful eyes. You know those steely grey, almost translucent eyes that babies are born with before their eyes change colors? My daughter’s eyes stayed that color. For months I waited for them to brown up, like my husband’s eyes, or perhaps turn a darker blue or hazel, like mine. But over four … Read More