What My Babysitter Instructions Revealed

So, I finally took the plunge and hired a real babysitter. Not the free (and dependable) services of Grandma, Nana, or even Aunt Kate. I checked references, interviewed, and had this very sweet 18-year old student come by once and play with my toddler for an hour while I was home. I loved her, and so did my daughter. Finally, … Read More

Seven Low-Cost Community Resources You Might Have Forgotten

1. The Library The library is good for much more than books these days. Many libraries cater very well to parents too. These aren’t the storytimes of your childhood—there are puppets, bubbles, singing, dancing and reading. These modern children’s librarians cram a ton of activity into the 30 minute session. Oftentimes, the libraries will also have a small children’s play … Read More

The Art Of Feeding New Parents

New parents get a lot of little blankets, tiny unusable shoes, and outfits that are quickly outgrown. But ask a set of new parents, and many will tell you that what they need most is help with meal times. First of all, who gets a meal? I say that anyone adding to their family should get a meal. It doesn’t … Read More

Encouraging The Mermaids

For All the ‘Little Mermaids’ Out There One of my favorite stories is by Robert Fulghum about himself as young pastor. He was suddenly in charge of a large group of very energetic children, and he decides to have them play a game called “Giants, Wizards, and Dwarfs.” “You have to decide now,” he instructed the children, “which you are … Read More

8 New Parent Rules For Social Media Sharing

Every parent has a different level of comfort with sharing photos, anecdotes and information about their children on social media. Here are nine tips for new parents as they begin to feel out their comfort with social media sharing. 1. Direct the grandparents early and often. When I say grandparents, I also mean aunts, uncles, cousins and even your friends. … Read More

Enjoy it While it Lasts

My lovely grandma was in town last week, and we went to the movie theater to see Cinderella. I was expecting a cute story, but not a good lesson with it. But here’s my favorite line from the movie, a line that I don’t think many other viewers noticed: Right before Ella attends the kingdom’s ball, she exits her exquisite … Read More

Could You Trust Your Child’s Dreams This Much?

I haven’t been following NBC’s The Voice this season, but my two-year-old daughter skipped her nap the other evening, which allowed me to put her to bed super early—at 6:45pm! With this excess of free time, I ordered Chinese food and sent my husband out to pick it up. I got cozy with my wonton soup and veggie egg roll, … Read More

60 Ways To Help A New Mom

1. Cook special lactation muffins or cookies. 2. Hold the baby while she showers. 3. Take a pseudo professional photo of the baby for her. She’ll save money on professional looking photos, and you’ll get to practice your skills. 4. Sweep her floors. 5. Throw in a load of baby laundry. 6. Fold and put away baby laundry. 7. Bring … Read More

Why I Don’t Like This New Trend

I’ve noticed a trend. All over the country, little girls are having professional photos taken in their mom’s wedding dresses. It seems like the thought process is that these photos are “adorable” now, and you’ll be able to display them on her wedding day for some laughs. I’ve seen these pictures quite frequently lately, and, while I’m sure the mothers … Read More

The Best Bedtime Story Rotation

Here are my favorite stories that you will enjoy while putting your toddler to bed. These are cute, fun and short (because who wants to be held captive like an exhausted librarian when you could be opening a bottle of red and catching up on Sister Wives). On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman (click title to view … Read More