When Are You Due To Give Birth?

High tech equipment takes the guess work out of uncertainties such as when am I due to give birth? Is my baby a girl or a boy? Am I having twins? State-of-the-art gadgetry can sort this out and put your mind at ease but occasionally even medical equipment misses the mark. Not so many years ago, before the introduction of … Read More

Childbirth: It’s Show Time

It’s show time! Your water broke and you are experiencing labor pains. You are excited and nervous. Off to the hospital you go or to the birthing center or to the room where you are going to have a home birth. Everyone and everything is in place. You labor and you labor and you labor. Is it supposed to take … Read More

Back-to-Back Babies: Is This For You?

Some women intentionally have their babies close together, bunching them up. The mom’s age may be a cause in making this choice. If she’s in her mid-thirties or older, time is of the essence, the infernal biological clock is ticking. If she wants more than one child, she needs to do it now! Other women do not intentionally have their … Read More

After The Baby Arrives, Postpartum Depression Can Occur

You just had your first baby. It is a momentous time and something you’ve looked forward to ever since the pregnancy test results came out positive. So why do you feel like you are losing your mind? Why are you wringing your hands, fretting, eaten alive with anxiety and despair? Why can’t you enjoy this experience? There are many reasons … Read More