Improve Sperm Without Medication

Nearly 1 in 6 couples will face fertility problems in their lifetime, and 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Studies show that nearly 40% of all infertility in couples is due to male factors, with nearly 25% of couples having both male and female infertility factors. Even if IVF or other more invasive fertility treatments aren’t required, sperm … Read More

Do Guys Need Prenatal Vitamins, Too?

Do men need prenatal nutrient support? Yes, although not the same nutrients that are in female prenatal supplements. Taking a good quality multivitamin will never hurt, but there are other factors to consider when supplementing a man’s diet for fertility purposes. Here are the top four supplements to consider. (Keep in mind: supplements should be approved by a doctor or … Read More

9 Things That Harm Male Fertility

Male fertility has become more popular in recent years as science and medical discoveries have shown that it can affect conception and fetal health as significantly as a woman’s health can. For men, it doesn’t simply come down to changing their diet, either, although that is a starting point. Here are 11 areas where men can work to significantly improve … Read More

Can I Still Get Pregnant Even If I’m Stressed?

With all the talk of how stress impacts fertility, women want to know if they can still get pregnant when they’re stressed. The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, too, so the real question is how much harder is it to get (or stay) pregnant when you’re stressed? That answer is different for everyone. Everyone—even people who … Read More

Why, Exactly, Is Stress Bad For Fertility?

Everyone trying to conceive for any length of time has heard the obnoxious advice to “just relax and it’ll happen.” The belief that stress plays a major role in infertility is still prevalent, but just how true is it? Can stress make it harder to get pregnant? And how does that work? What Is Stress? Stress is defined as a … Read More