60 Ways To Help A New Mom

helping-moms1. Cook special lactation muffins or cookies.
2. Hold the baby while she showers.
3. Take a pseudo professional photo of the baby for her. She’ll save money on professional looking photos, and you’ll get to practice your skills.
4. Sweep her floors.
5. Throw in a load of baby laundry.
6. Fold and put away baby laundry.
7. Bring a show over that they can binge watch at 2a.m. My favorite is Friends.
8. Bring her lip gloss
9. Do her nails
10. Paint her toes
11. Tell her she’s doing a great job.
12. Give her dog a bath.
13. If she has other children, give them attention.
14. Write her thank you cards for her.
15. Address and send her thank you cards for her.
16. Bring a meal for her whole family.
17. Organize a meal train. My favorite site for this is mealtrain.com.
18. Help her organize baby clutter.
19. Address her baby announcements.
20. Bring a meal for her freezer.
21. Do dishes.
22. Babysit while she naps.
23. Clean her bathrooms.
24. Teach her husband how to change a diaper.
25. Send English muffins.
26. Help her bathe baby. An extra helping hand is always appreciated with a slippery newborn.
27. Get her photos printed.
28. Make her a scrapbook.
29. Vacuum.
30. Offer to drive her to the baby’s doctor appoints and help with baby.
31. Go to her doctor appointments and watch the baby in waiting room.
32. Weed her garden if it’s spring or summer.
33. Shovel her driveway in the winter.
34. Cut up fruits and vegetables for her to grab while caring for baby.
35. Give her a date night. She may not be gone long, but even an hour off is so helpful.
36. Help baby proof the house if you’re handy.
37. Grocery shop for her family.
38. Run a few errands for her.
39. Bring a package of diapers. The new mom is probably overwhelmed by their cost.
40. Invite them to your playgroup.
41. Make a list of baby/mommy activities in the area.
42. Introduce them to other new moms.
43. Bring work gossip (but no actual work).
44. Give her and her family some space if they ask for it.
45. Chat with her about the news or any major events she may have missed.
46. Breastfeed in public with her.
47. Give her your list of the most baby friendly local restaurants.
48. Knit a baby blanket.
49. Crochet a baby hat.
50. Make her monthly photo props for an easy use.
51. Help her start a college savings plan.
52. Take her car to get washed and vacuumed. Bonus points if you fill it with gas.
53. Get her a nursing tank top.
54. Buy her a zoo membership.
55. Make her a fresh fruit salad.
56. Wipe down the kitchen counters.
57. Set up a regular babysitting appointment so she can plan ahead. Even three hours each will make a big difference for her.
58. Organize her pantry.
59. Walk her dog.
60. Help her track baby milestones and work on the book with her.

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