5 Things You Remember Once You Have A Newborn Again

5-things-to-rememberWhen we think of our life as a parent to a newborn, usually we think of the lack of sleep, or exhaustion, or the way our whole world turns upside down. Whether you are a first-time mom or a veteran, there are so many little things you feel inside your mind and your heart for that first incredible year. For myself, I am a new mom again and the little things brighten my days and bring me back to the times when there was just this little tiny baby I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. Here’s a cute countdown of 5 things you remember once you have a newborn again:

5. Something Never Looked So Precious
It doesn’t matter if it’s a onesie, a beanie or tiny mittens, a newborn baby looks as precious as can be in whatever you choose to doll them up in. As a mother to two daughters prior to my new son, I’m certainly enjoying all the blues and sports themed outfits I get to put my little man in. Accessories for little girls are purely adorable too, whether it’s a big headband or the tiniest bow. And who can forget those adorable little lacy socks? So precious.

4. Bath Time Was Never So Cute
When it comes time to bathe the new baby, watching them squirm around while in your safe hands is enough to make any parent’s heart melt. I have used a baby bathtub for all my children, which is also great for bringing your baby up on the counter closer to you. For all of my kids I enjoy their lotion session afterwards and love to spoil with gentle blow drying their hair and bodies to get them nice and warm in a hustle.

3. A Tiny Cry Is Nothing Like Those Toddler and Kid Screams
From the very first time you hear them cry, it’s hard not to think it’s just the saddest sound you’ve ever heard. When your newborn cries and there isn’t even a single tear it pulls at your heartstrings like nothing else can.

2. When Your Baby Knows You’re Their Momma, and is Happiest With You
Since your tiny baby’s world revolves around you, becoming the nucleus of their world is a truly magical feeling. This reward of a lifetime of love is surreal, which each tiny grip of their hands to your finger squeezing so tightly. I have breastfeed all of my children, and while that’s not ideal for every mother, for myself it is one of the ultimate bonds I have ever experienced in my life.

1. Forgetting How Much You Can Love Something So Quickly
Of course we all know we will love this special person we’ve brought into this world from conception to birth, but nothing will remind us just how much our hearts will become fulfilled until that baby is face to face with us. I find myself staring at my son, watching him sleep, loving the way he looks at me, and most of all seeing the way my older children and my husband love this new member of our family. Life is sweeter with the joy of a newborn, and I cherish all these moments, because before you know it they will only be sacred memories.

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