4 Ways to Stay Stress-Free While You’re Expecting

pregnancy-stressIt’s no secret that having a baby comes with its fair share of stress. Everything from nursery decorating to shower planning can quickly cause your anxiety to rise. However, stress can be detrimental to both you and your unborn child. Your immune system may weaken as a result of stress, increasing your chances of developing an infection in the uterus.

Although the complete impact of stress on the body during pregnancy is unknown, it’s best to try to stay relaxed as you carry your baby. Doing so may put you in a better position to handle those backaches and hormonal changes. Here are four ways to de-stress when you feel your anxiety rising during pregnancy.

1. Learn when to ask for help.
Not everyone is comfortable with asking for help, but you may need to gain the confidence to do so once you’re pregnant. You will likely become fatigued faster when you’re expecting, inhibiting your ability to complete daily tasks, regardless of how simple they may be. Asking for a little help can greatly reduce stress.

2. Maintain open lines of communication.

Whether you’re feeling tired, irritated, or hungry, it’s important to let your feelings be known to prevent stress from building up. This means being open and honest with your loved ones during your pregnancy, especially the people you live with and see on a daily basis.

3. Develop coping techniques.

What helps you eliminate stress when you aren’t expecting a child? Think of what you typically do to unwind – read a book, take a bath, listen to music. It’s these types of activity that can bring you the most comfort when you’re pregnant and feeling stressed.

4. Don’t feel bad about saying “no.”

If you’re the type of person who says “yes” to friends, family and neighbors whenever they need a helping hand, you’ll want to change your response once you become pregnant. While you’re expecting, it’s you who will need the assistance. That being said, you shouldn’t feel bad about having to decline an opportunity to provide a helping hand to friend.

Whether you’re on your third child or this is your first pregnancy, stress is inevitable when you’re expecting. If you are having trouble managing your anxiety, consider speaking to your primary care physician for insight into handling your stress in its entirety.

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