14 Baby Names Ahead Of The Trend

trending-baby-namesThe rankings referred to below are from the government’s social security webpage in 2014.

1. June
For those that love short but sweet names, June is a great choice at #317 in popularity. A name that grows well with a child, it reminds one of a whimsical, artistic personality.

2. Francesca
Francesca is a serious name that comes with an adorable nickname—Frannie. This Italian name has a trendy sound to it, and I think it will increase in popularity in the upcoming years.

3. Felicity
This name is a real underused beauty. At number 497 in popularity, Felicity has a sophisticated flair. Any fans of the original American Girl books will remember this sassy character and her many adventures.

4. Lana
At number 351, Lana is another potential rising star of a name. The name evokes an image of simplistic beauty. It means “shining light” which makes for a lovely addition to any family.

5. Hazel
Hazel is on the brink of being a very popular name (currently number 107) after being featured as the main character in the novel and movie “The Fault in Our Stars.” It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a color-based name that isn’t quite as well-known as Violet.

6. Reese
The likeability factor of actress Reese Witherspoon has probably given this name a significant bump in recent years. Another refined choice, a little Reese would be perfectly named as both a toddler and a successful career woman.

7. Fiona
I have heard a few little Fionas being called to at the playground lately, and it always sounds really cute. The meaning is “fair” so it fits well with a child with blond or red hair, and it has the sound of a child that would be forever adventurous.

1. Boden
Boden is a cute and unexpected departure from Holden or Braeden.

2. Simon
At number 231, Simon is not a name you hear everyday. Although it has a serious side to it, a little Simon could be a very intelligent troublemaker.

3. Walter
At number 337, Walter is pretty rarely used.  But with the resurgence of old fashion, stately names, I think it’s likely that more than a few little Walters are coming our way.

4. Scott
At number 425, Scott is a classic that has really dipped in the rankings. If you are looking for a name that doesn’t go out of style, especially with an English background and Scottish meaning, Scott will keep you unique.

5. Calvin
The name Calvin has a silly side to it for sure, but as an adult a Calvin could be a lawyer, engineer or the handyman next door. Calvin has a masculine nickname in “Cal,” and comes in at number 182.

6. Marcus
If you like the sound, but mark is too simple, Marcus may be your answer. Still well out of the top 100 (at #158), Marcus sounds like an adventurous little boy, and many parents like complete names that do not require nicknames.

7. Kai
With a Hawaiian origin and a meaning of “sea,” Kai is a lovely choice for parents who love Hawaii or the coast. At #177, this name has both a modern and masculine feel to it.

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